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Custom Wedding Cake Tops

Let us create for you an exquisite wedding cake top and a lifetime memorial of your special day. A wedding cake top should be a unique reflection of the bride and groom and your wedding. All our wedding cake tops are custom made and can mirror how you will look on your wedding day including your attire, hairstyle and jewelry, hobbies and lifestyle that are important to you, additional family members as well as your romantic story. Below are some of the cake tops we have created but we are not limited to these and will work with you to create your unique piece.

Wedding Cake Planner form...

Express Yourself

ome of the areas to consider:

Appearance: Look like you - we'll need a couple of photos

Skin tone: We can blend the porcelain to match most any skin tone

Hair color and style: like those on your wedding day

Jewellery: We've done eastern wedding cake tops where the bride in her sari was dripping in gold

Bouquet: Adapted to look like yours

Setting: Use your favorite flowers, hobby anything you'd like

Pose of the bride and groom are up to you

Our most popular version is to do a likeness of the Bride and Groom including the dress the bride is wearing (we could use the remnants from the bride's gown), the tux the groom is wearing, set on a mirrored base with flowers and colors from your wedding choices. Your bouquet and jewelery can also be adapted.

Or create a fantasy wedding cake top using fairies, elves or mermaids.

Have the groom kneeling holding the bride's hand.

Maybe do a scene that reminds you of some special moment.

The only limitations are your imagination! We work with you all the way until it truly becomes your wedding cake top.

We require as much notice as possible but at least eight to twelve weeks.

All this and more with prices starting at $189.00

Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding Cake Tops

Magic, Bliss and Happiness Too
In those three words I LOVE YOU

On the day that day which is one of the most important days in your life we would like to help you create a cake top that will help you capture those moments forever. To create something more than just a cake top something you will truly treasure, something that will remind you of the love and commitment that was shown on your special day.

Each of our wedding cake tops are hand crafted from fine porcelain and created especially for you. You may customize your cake top to truly make it ONE OF A KIND.