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Exquisite porcelain fairies are made by hand

Reprinted from the Toronto Star, Saturday July 3, 2004

RavenTeresa Fischer mixes magic, folklore and a touch of whimsy to create a handcrafted collection of porcelain fairies that enchant and delight grownups and little children.

Though many fairies, like the Brownies of England, the Ghillie Dhu of Scotland an Lutins of France, originate in Celtic culture and myth, Fisher draws in legends the world over to inspire handiwork.

Her detailed creations are made in six steps: First, porcelain is injected into a handmade plaster mould. After it sets and dries, it is cleaned, sanded and carefully carved.

FaithNext, the fairy features are coloured with china paint, applied in stages and kiln-fired three times. Pipe cleaner wire and felt are put together to anchor the breastplate and limbs to the hand-stitched fairy body. The dresses are made from lace, feathers, jewels, beads and silks.

The fairies? curls are made by wrapping sections of viscose fibre hair dipped in water and fabric softener around toothpicks and baking them. Silk flower buds, leaves and crowns are added as final touches. Then the fairy is placed in her own setting, made from wood and decorated with rocks, dried vines, leaves, moss and grass.

All fairies are about 15 centimetres.

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